Maker Bot Needs Your Vote!

POSTED BY Zak Menkel on May 19, 2010

As you may have heard, we recently got a Maker Bot.

Maker Bots are sort of like (much cheaper) DIY 3D printers that will actually use a plastic compound to fabricate objects from digital 3D models.

How freaking cool is that?

It’s currently down in the lab getting assembled (the irony is not lost on us).

Do you have an idea for what it should make first?

Use the comment thread on this post to submit ideas and support others…

The Maker Bot has rules: some of them can be bent; others can be broken. Here they are:

Size: matters. It can only make objects that are roughly 10x10x13cm (4x4x5in), but you can get around this by making multiple small objects.

Gravity: is in effect. It prints from the top down, so it you want to build something with an overhang, you'll have to build in a base and possibly supports, which can be removed later.

Color: black or white

Complexity: unknown, but probably don’t push your luck with anything too delicate

Need inspiration? Check out these sites:



This will be a fun experiment and a great rapid prototyping tool, so vote and submit as many times as you want, but we’re only counting votes that are cast on the blog.

Happy Making!


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