Mobilizing a Brand Refresh

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Nov 13, 2013

We are proud to share our recent rebrand for Medical Teams International — the leader in relief, rescue, and humanitarian aid. MTI is a local nonprofit based in Portland, with true global outreach. Operating in 70+ countries around the world, MTI mobilizes volunteers to help transform communities trapped in poverty, war conflicts and natural disasters.

MTI realized that while they are united by their Christian faith, the majority of the countries in which they operate actually practice either Islam or Buddhism. It became evident that the old identity had become too limiting, due to its focus solely on Christianity. Our Hornall Anderson team faced the challenge of creating a successful identity for an organization that would reflect its faith-driven roots, while not alienating the recipients of its services.

Our “a-ha!” moment came when the team shifted the focus on what MTI does instead of what it is. As a result, our team designed a highly distinctive and proactive mark that expresses each volunteer’s eagerness and readiness to charge into the heart of the action to help people in need. The new logo has a universal appeal — bold, energetic, and empowering. And, still holding a quiet and confident place, the symbol of Christian faith remains intact.

The new identity has received a very warm reception from numerous MTI supporters and sponsors. We were thrilled to see the new logo proudly displayed on volunteers’ uniforms all around the world. Last, but not least, we were excited to learn that this summer, MTI raised over $2 million at its annual “Fields of Dreams” dinner auction. 

Needless to say, it’s been an immensely rewarding experience for all of us on the Hornall Anderson team in playing our humble part.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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