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POSTED BY Kevin Roth on Aug 21, 2012

The HAX lab is in the midst of change. There are many improvements on the horizon, including a much anticipated revamp of the photo studio.

Moving from the “cavernous depths” of the HAX server room, the studio equipment has travelled to the bright and spacious southeast corner of HAX. The move facilitates a more open and versatile studio setting with plenty of controlled lighting, thanks to the expansive wall of windows and curtains overlooking 3rd Avenue and Cherry Street.

We’ve also installed a 9’ w x 10’ h seamless white backdrop with room for additions, including a green screen for motion and video projects. This marks the first of several improvements we’ll be making to our photo studio, expanding the possibilities for not just client work, but also our own in-house group of pro and amateur photographers/videographers.

The studio space has already seen an increase in use, but we’re looking forward to getting more employees and clients down in HAX to utilize this expansion. 

Next up on list: Adding more professional lighting equipment and a light tent for product photography…and looking for sweet photo shoot opportunities like this: 


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