Never Be Without Great Coffee

POSTED BY on Oct 23, 2009

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve watched with anticipation as Starbucks’ newest beverage innovation — Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew — jumped from test market to making a splash across the US and Canada in its national launch. Reports from key test markets indicated projected sales of Starbucks VIA™ performed 4 times better than they were initially estimated. Today, the new Starbucks offering is readily available in all Starbucks stores (US and Canada) and select retail partners like REI, Omni Hotels and United Airlines flights.

Over a year ago, Starbucks approached us to help develop a category-breaking new ready-brew sub-brand within the Starbucks portfolio. Our team went to work creating a strategic platform that delivered the gasoline to fuel the creative platform.

Starbucks VIA™ was a commitment to the customer that you should “never be without great coffee.” This was the emotional driver that the design team focused on to develop the brand identity and the packaging. We needed to be able to graphically differentiate Starbucks VIA™ from all of the mainstream offerings in the marketplace. We took the high-road, the premium high-road.

The Starbucks VIA™ brand packaging solution focuses on the personalized to-go cup, an iconic image that serves as a symbol of great coffee to Starbucks’ ritual coffee connoisseur. Warm, textured backgrounds wrap the package and help deliver the taste cues of the aromatic, bold flavor of the premium, Arabica beans.

The identity consists of a typographic lockup of “Starbucks VIA™ ReadyBrew,” the term “Ready Brew” coined by Hornall Anderson as a “more premium instant” message. On the sides of the box, a series of iconic cups were created to demonstrate the “occasions” in which you can uniquely enjoy the coffee. Lastly, deep within the package as you peer in for your last fix of Starbucks VIA™, you will find one lingering message, “never be without.”

In a global market where instant coffee represents 40 percent of coffee sales, Starbucks VIA has earned the right-to-win and positioned itself as an innovative, transformational instant coffee offering that successfully replicates the body and flavor of Starbucks coffee. We are excited to have played a role in the success of enhancing Starbucks’ brand presence around the globe.

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