Now Available: Microsoft Office 2010

POSTED BY Andrew Wicklund on Jun 16, 2010

Wooohoooooo, it’s really on shelf!!!! After many moons in the making, Microsoft Office 2010 packaging is on shelves in a store near you.

I can’t thank enough the thousands of people that made this possible. That’s right, thousands! Because not only was there a tremendous group here at Hornall Anderson (and of course Microsoft) that put in the hours, but we also gleaned so much valuable information from customers worldwide (England, France, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, the USA and many more) who helped us understand their software shopping experiences.

And the result is a hardworking – yet simple – consumer-driven packaging solution. The 2010 packaging system is more engaging and easier to shop than any previous Office package line-up in history.

WRITTEN BY Andrew Wicklund

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Joy Bhattacharyya

Oct 7, 2016 at 2:43am

I want Microsoft Office 2010 in my computer.