Oaxaca Street Art

POSTED BY on Jan 14, 2008

Anyone that has traveled to Oaxaca – or just about any other place in Mexico – can appreciate that tourists with an artistic eye can spend a lot of time looking at walls. The tradition of hand-painted store signage, political ads or way finding is as rich and varied as the people doing the painting.

I’ve always been thrilled over beautifully native lettering and an intrinsic understanding of color and composition that is not always well planned but almost always eye-catching. Walking around the streets of Oaxaca this New Years day, I discovered something different – hand-printed woodcut or linoleum-cut posters in black and white with additional small red-stamped highlights. The effect is similar to a Chinese painting with red signature block.

I found several posters in the “series” and never saw the same one twice. I would have stolen any of them, but you can see in the snapshot that other people obviously tried to do that. Or even better I would have paid for as many as I could get my hands on. Instead I am left with one of the best memories of my trip. Not bad, but a shame I can’t tell the artist how much I love his work.


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