Oh, the irony.

POSTED BY on Jul 28, 2014

Recently my younger son, Jack, celebrated his seventh birthday. Among the gifts he received from family and friends were two in particular that got me thinking. One was The LEGO® Movie on DVD, the other was “The LEGO® Movie MetalBeard’s Dual” set.

Now, if you have not seen The LEGO® Movie but think you might, stop reading right now. I’ve seen The LEGO® Movie twice now and it’s pretty apparent at the end of the movie the point that it is trying to make. The point being that in your life you don't need to conform. You don’t always need to be beholden to the instructions. It’s a good thing to use your imagination to create new things, to think of new solutions, to innovate, to question the status quo. All the things that we as designers try to do every day.

MetalBeard was conceived and created in precisely this way. He is built out of a collection of pieces from different sets with different themes, yet work together brilliantly without a set of instructions. Here’s the irony: “The LEGO® Movie MetalBeard’s Dual” set comes with a full set of instructions to make MetalBeard precisely as he appears in The LEGO® Move.

No imagination required.


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