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POSTED BY Jodi Minehan on Oct 18, 2010

So, I’m a big fan of experiential activations, social integration (when appropriate!), guerilla tactics and rap music... and this one has it all…

Massive multiplatform campaign has launched to promote Jay-Z’s autobio “Decoded”

The gist: all 300 pages of the book are placed ‘guerilla’ style throughout 15 cities around the world. Find the page- get a autographed copy of the book and a chance to win tickets to his New Year’s show in Vegas.

Built on BING maps and sending out clues via facebook and sharing found locations– it is the first major project to work the facebook Microsoft partnership

Clues can be found on billboards, in the lining of jackets, at the bottom of a pool – all related to the content on the page of the book.

And with his fan base (4.5 million on facebook alone) - it will be an interesting campaign to watch. Will the Roc Boy have enough pull to prove this partnership and a successful worldwide campaign? Because if he can’t - what or who would be able to pull it off?

First pages dropped today….

Decode Mr. Carter here:


Sidenote: also huge fan of the site design

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