One Logo Personalized in 40,000 Different Ways

POSTED BY on Mar 9, 2011

Have you seen the new MIT logo? Featured on Fast Company today, this logo represents the lab’s first true brand identity. Identity elements of the past were inspired by the IM Pei design of the lab building. This new identity is based on an algorithmic formula that allows 40,000 ways to customize it, so media labbers can make the mark unique to them – this takes the idea of changing a mark to its most personal level.

“Folks select a design on a web-based platform, and once they’ve made their choice, no one else can poach it; it’s as personal as a Social Security number.”

Importantly, this also expresses the cutting edge innovation that is at the heart of the MIT Media Lab brand.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this type of dynamism the future of identity design?


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