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POSTED BY Jodi Minehan on Dec 9, 2010

This week at interactive lunch we decided to forgo a standard presentation and used that time to take a look at other interactive work. It is just as important to take a bit of time and see what others are doing, as it is to strengthen our own skills. Below is a quick recap of the presentation- enjoy!

Samsung Tweet Wrap- Create wrapper paper covered in your tweets!

Pro: They will actually send you your own free roll.

Con: Nothing much to do with Samsung


Yahoo Bus Stop Derby- interactive touch screen games at bus stops

Pro: Play with your friends in other neighborhoods- awesome

Con: Touch screen at a bus stop (germs!) and screen can be a little tough to interact with

Converse “The Sampler” iPhone app

Pro: Shop for converse from your iphone and “try them on”

Con: idea of the “try them on” is great- but actually you still have to line up your leg with the shoe

The App store- its free!

Swedish Armed Forces- Recruitment Campaign

Pro- interesting use of a webcam to help test agility

Con- NSFW- not in the dirty manner- just in the turn up the volume, turn on your webcam, and look like you are trapped in a glass box- mime style (actually that might be kind of fun to watch some else do it)



QRWrapping Paper- The world’s most interactive wrapping paper

Pro: QR codes connect to funny little videos

Con: I can’t direct it to my own site of choosing- no custom qrwapping paper


Nespresso- amazing motion site for coffee machine company to feature its new variations for coffee pods

Pro: They have games you can play- like the almond gun- motion is very well done

Con: Seems like a very large spend that frankly doesn’t look like it is affecting the brand in any huge way. The intro sequence- while cool- takes forever. I didn’t make it to vanilla


Interactive Puppet Prototype with Kinect- another amazing use for the new kinect

Pro: giant funky emu-style bird

Con: not many- but the bird squawk get a bit old on the 10th time


PsykoPaint- Painting for those that are artistically challenged

Pro: upload your photo and use the special effects tools to make it look awesome

Con: if you are Mac savvy- you are probably laughing at me right now


Unevolved Brands- Take the brand down to basic circles and colors-see if you can guess them

Pro: how smart you feel when you can figure one out without much thought

Con: There are no answers listed. Yep if one has you stumped- I guess you could try googling it?



Our motion team is pretty great- so I asked them to send me a couple of the best links of the moment

Todor & Petru

This film was produced by five students from Gobelins school of image (BASTIE Remi, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan DJOB Nkondo, Nicholas and Jeremy PEGON WORST) as part of a traineeship at WIZZ Design.


Google eBooks


Cannon Pixima


WRITTEN BY Jodi Minehan

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