Package Design Magazine delights in Frito-Lay

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Oct 14, 2009

As clich? as it sounds, while we take pride in our ability to inspire our clients, it’s often they who inspire us. So when we were included with one of our beloved clients, Frito-Lay, in an article written byPackage Design Magazine, we just couldn’t resist spreading the good news. We tip our hats to Frito-Lay for their diligence in understanding their target consumer, and for letting those strategic insights be the driving force behind an inviting and impactful package design. Here’s some good old-fashioned patting on the back for our pals at Frito-Lay, straight from the source:

“Frito-Lay and Hornall Anderson interpreted key consumer insights for women into emotionally resonant design solutions, going beyond individual brands to consider how all the packages would work together.”

It’s really easy in the packaging world to let entrenched retailer requirements be a driving force, and we want to thank and applaud Frito-Lay for first doing the legwork to truly understand their customers, and second for working diligently with us to make sure that we developed products that met the needs of that group. The result, a newly positioned and designed Frito-Lay portfolio of products – Baked!, Flat Earth, 100 Calorie Mini Bites and the new Smartfood line – that help women see the value of the products that were always there, discover some new ones, and drive repeat purchases and revenue.

“The overarching goal was to design packages that appeal to women who want healthier snacks that don’t sacrifice taste. . .Brand visibility was priority number one. Getting noticed by women who were simply skipping over Frito-Lay products was no small ambition...”

With the new package design on shelf and more fun (work) in store with Frito-Lay, we believe wholeheartedly in the need for design to support a strategy from brand to aisle. Our friends at Frito-Lay would agree. Congratulations to our Frito-friends – here’s to even more great insights bringing tasty products to market in exciting ways!

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WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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