PepsiCo Mexico's Design Day

POSTED BY Angela Gamba on Aug 27, 2014

Last week, our vice president of design Michael Connors, was asked to present at PepsiCo Mexico’s Design Day in Mexico City. The day was used to educate more than 150 PepsiCo marketers on the importance of the creative process and how design, when done well, can have a significant impact on a consumer’s viewpoint of a brand.

Michael’s presentation focused on the "Power of Design for Building Brands” using  some of our own work for PepsiCo that has been incredibly successful globally, including our recent rebrand of Doritos, as well as other amazing client and non-client examples out in the world today.

His big take away for the audience, and what resonated most, was that brand’s that try to appeal to everyone, end up appealing to no one. He encouraged the teams to figure out the “one thing” that their individual brand’s stand for and then to do everything in their power to help bring that story to life.

WRITTEN BY Angela Gamba

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