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POSTED BY Chris Freed on Aug 24, 2009

As I was flipping channels on Sunday. I did a double take and had to watch the end of the PGA Wyndham Championship. Not because it was a 3 way shoot out for the win, but because of Ryan Moore's non branded appearance.

Looking like a developer here at Hornall Anderson, Ryan Moore wears and equips his golf bag with what he wants. A classy hat made by Goorin, a shirt that says... well it doesn't say anything, golf bag he bought himself at a pro shop and a mixture of clubs that he chooses. It was like a scene right out of the HA golf tournament.

Maybe because of a bad sponsorship experience or just to make a statement, it paid off big for him on Sunday when he picked up his first PGA win, $$$.

I found it very amusing how his natural look made the rest of the PGA players look like they just jumped out of a car in a NASCAR race. The idea of not branding yourself with logos isn't anything new, keeping it clean and real, but I am interested in seeing where and how this takes shape. The idea that we are so submerged in a land full of billboards and logos and advertisements, sometimes it takes the lack of advertisement to make someone flip the channel back and take note. Not only that, I went straight to the web to read his profile and see what he was about. PGA profile Born in Tacoma, raised in Puyallup WA, has had one of the best amateur careers ever, and now getting noticed on a very large scale that is owned and operated by big companies and big big dollars. Man I love the underdog.

My hopes is that he does "keep it real" and stays sponsor free. Or uses his non branded look to get sponsors from companies that are inline with his image and reshape the PGA tour so players can be classy again and play golf to win and not to just get paid.

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