Project Green Banana

POSTED BY Chang-Ling Wu on Nov 5, 2009

Two weeks ago, the design team comprised of Mary, Julie, Lauren, Kathleen and Chang-Ling hosted a fashion design competition called project Green Banana on Friday morning. Inspired by the famous fashion design show “Project Runway,” each team was given a blank T-shirt, pins, markers…etc., and instructed to create an avant garde outfit in 30 minutes. They then selected a model on their team to present their outfit and rock the runway. Our fabulous host Kathleen, and judges Halli, Jeff and Jackie, decided the “winning look” and the “worst outfit” of the show in the end. Congrats to Team No.3 (Yumi, Bruce and David) with the winning look!

Please scroll down to watch runway video with our fabulous Hornall Anderson runway models~ they rock the runway

Our fabulous host

Prepare for the runway

Judge time

Runway show

The winning team

WRITTEN BY Chang-Ling Wu

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