Safeco's New Approach to Insurance

POSTED BY Tony DeVincenzi on Mar 10, 2008

When you walk into Safeco Instore for the first time, you might catch yourself thinking “This sure feels different than any insurance office I’ve ever been in.” The feeling is intentional. In fact, Safeco Instore isn’t an insurance office at all. It’s a first-of-its-kind Insurance education and retail environment, built entirely with the ideas of comfort and authenticity in mind.

The task was to create an environment where Safeco patrons and potential customers could explore all avenues of insurance in a friendly and familiar environment. Under the art direction of design director Jay Hilburn, the Safeco Instore is a fully integrated brand experience; everything from identity to interactive kiosks were designed within the umbrella of the newly formed Safeco Instore brand.

The interactive kiosks, a portion of the environment I worked with almost exclusively, invites the education of insurance to be entertained at a more digestible level. Rather than frightening potential customers with technical jargon and grim stories of the uninsured, we’ve devised an interface that allows for a fun, easy, and playful way to explore the many facets of insurance. The kiosks are comprised of 3 touch enabled LCD monitors, which offer a series of games and educational information ranging from automobile to home insurance.

Safeco Instore was a fantastic exercise of total creative integration and proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding, first project for myself here at Hornall Anderson. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the results.

Check out the Safeco Instore on the corner of 2nd Ave. and Seneca St. in downtown Seattle, learn a bit about insurance, and if you hang around long enough you might even catch yourself reconsidering your current plan.

WRITTEN BY Tony DeVincenzi

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