Seattle Celebrates its Creative Side

POSTED BY Yuri Shvets on Sep 28, 2012

This past weekend I took my family to check out the Design Block on South Lake Union, part of the annual Seattle Design Festival.

The “design block” transformed an everyday street space into a fun public gathering area as well as a showcase for local design. Shipping cargo containers were turned into pop-up shops, activity spaces, and exhibit galleries featuring all things design from flat art to awesomely bizarre furniture and environments. And the audience had the opportunity to cast their vote on their favorite. 

It was a nice and informal way to connect with the public and see how people reacted to some of the unorthodox design pieces. I especially liked the FYI Poster Show, a series of infographics covering sensitive subjects such as child trafficking and less urgent ones, like the outcome of people versus zombies. Hipstamatic, a contest that depicted various photos taken all around Seattle, proved to be a big hit as well. And it was great to see the bold hits of color from the Seattle Design Festival posters and matching t-shirts brightening up the exhibit area.


WRITTEN BY Yuri Shvets

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