Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

POSTED BY Chris Monberg on Apr 22, 2011

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at a place where people choreograph their dance moves? I can tell you it’s awesome. In celebration of Earth Day, Hornall Anderson wanted to provide our clients and the public a peek into how the advancements in technology and design can intersect to help make the world “Greener” through booty-shaking. Yes, dancing. We were fortunate to wrangle in the UW dance troop, Femme Fatale, long enough for King5 to come down to our HAX Lab to capture all of us for the evening news.

The Sustainable Dance Club's energy floor literally converts people’s movement into watts of electricity. In addition, we added an illuminated wall projection that animates the Seattle skyline coming to life through the energy generated by the dancers. The animation is complete with a sasquatch and a double rainbow (thanks Shane).

As thanks for the feverish dancing, we gave $1 for each of the 1800 kilojoules of energy produced to local non-profit People for Puget Sound. That’s a lot of booty shakin…

This came together quickly at the direction of our incredible designer, Lauren DiRusso. Without her, and a dream to create sustainable experiences, this never would have happened.

WRITTEN BY Chris Monberg

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