Snowflakes That Melt In Your Mouth

POSTED BY Katinka Donagemma on Dec 10, 2013

When was the last time you caught a snowflake on your tongue? This holiday season Lindt & Sprüngli is offering consumers that same sensational melting moment with Lindor’s new milk chocolate snowflakes. We were excited to partner with the European-based confections brand on product innovation, design and packaging.

We were involved from the very early stages of the project, including generating a variety of ideas for the product itself. After initially considering a variety of shapes, the snowflake felt the most distinctive for the holiday with its subtle wintery cues, whilst still having a shelf life past the month of December. The design of the packaging’s flow wrap draws on the strong elements of the Lindor brand and captures the essence of something premium and indulgent. This combination offers the consumer not only a  ‘treat for me,’ but also a decadent gift for others.

We are really thrilled to finally see it on-shelf.

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WRITTEN BY Katinka Donagemma

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Dec 10, 2013 at 11:10am

Well done Katinka, thanks for writing this! Can't wait to buy it.