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POSTED BY Jamie Monberg on Mar 14, 2009

that's all they call it here in Austin. I like the spoken ellipses... leaves room for more than just music, film, and interactive.

Our panel this morning went pretty gd well. A bit scary presenting to such a passionate and informed audience. Some super incisive questioning about how to really make the branding of interactions successful. I guess I just felt honored to be there and excited to participate in the post-preso dialog. I need to let it sink in a bit. The caliber of the folks here is top-notch.

And for the record, I think twitter is fascinating and successful -- I just can't see how it will ultimately scale as a community. That said, nothing like benefitting from some real time promotional messaging. This morning our room started fairly full and it was interested to see the space jam up during the talk. Thank you "beautifulthangs."

We'll get some pics up soon and I'll post the link for the podcast when it becomes available.

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