Spotlight on Creating Dynamic Consumer Experiences

POSTED BY Ashley Arhart on Aug 25, 2010

Last evening, we opened our HAX Lab to host a gathering of the Seattle RDI (Retail Design Institute) Chapter. We welcomed a great mix of attendees – from corporate leaders to students – joining us for our presentation on Creating Dynamic Consumer Experiences.

This timely discussion focused on how, in an effort to more deeply connect with today’s technology-savvy and sophisticated consumer, brands are investigating richer, more participatory three-dimensional brand engagements.

Highlighting four modern trends in consumer experience, we illustrated how they are helping inform the way companies bring their brands to market, and how the landscape of retail is changing to facilitate, enhance, and more deeply resonate with consumers.

Participatory Environments: A consumer-centric space that allows visitors to influence it in a relevant and interesting way, and personalize their experiences.

Responsive Products: Savvy retailers are enabling a new level of consumer interaction with products, bringing products to life in a three-dimensional way, offering a more personal experience with the brand via an embedded universe within the product, and enlisting mobile devices as the new technology on the sales floor.

Transaction 2.0: Some retailers have found increasingly clever ways to enable their customer’s transactions, while building a deeper level of engagement.

Tribes: Social media has generated an expectation of authorship, creating direct implications for physical engagements, as well. Thoughtful retailers can now enlist feedback from consumers, allowing them to influence their retail experiences, personally, as well as explore the more tangible aspects of “social shopping.”

Leveraging current examples from the retail industry and several Hornall Anderson-designed consumer-driven experiences such as Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and Microsoft’s Consumer Electronic Show presence, we demonstrated the unique ways these trends are gaining momentum in today’s retail environment.

Check back soon for a video of the actual presentation!

WRITTEN BY Ashley Arhart

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