Summer at HA means WAYZGOOSE time!

POSTED BY on Aug 26, 2015

A “Wayzgoose” is a celebration of the art of letterpress. Here in town, The School of Visual Concepts puts on the annual “Steamroller Smackdown” letterpress event where local design firms compete against each other to design a GIANT poster (within a specific theme), carve the image out of a GIANT piece of linoleum, and then get a steamroller to print it on a GIANT piece of paper.

(Inking up our artwork)

We have participated the last three years and this year’s Wayzgoose was on Friday August 7that the South Lake Union Block Party. The theme this year was “Man vs. Machine.” Unlike previous years, we decided to create a clever, minimalist approach and carved the iconic image of the lone dead cell phone battery on a stark white background. We felt that is the ultimate representation of Man vs. Machine in this day and age—and sadly the machines have won.

(Our 2015 Wayzgoose team)

As a touch of irony, we dressed up in Steve Jobs’ inspired turtlenecks to print our image. Sadly, it was BLISTERINGLY hot, so keeping the costumes on the entire print time didn’t work out quite as we’d hoped. But, we were really excited to participate in the event and show up with a unique and bold statement piece this year.

(Let's roll!)

(Our interpretation of Man vs. Machine)

We love being a part of the Wayzgoose and Steamroller Smackdown every year and can’t wait for next summer!

Thanks Team!

Jessixa Bagley is a firm believer in pie and #2 round sable brushes.

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