The art of indie films

POSTED BY Joseph King on Apr 10, 2009

eeStroll the independent aisle at your local video store and you'll undoubtedly see the pattern emerge. In a world of garden-variety Hollywood movies with equally formulaic marketing, how do you spot a film with a subversive script and offbeat narrative? It appears another formula is at work. Apparently, illustration says, "Hey, I'm different!" and "I didn't have a big budget for special effects or glossy photos, but I'll make up for it with an eccentric story, and a great soundtrack."

Here's what to look for:

  • Fancy typefaces or movie logos are too fussy, and could mean the film had major studio backing (- indie cred). Look for hand drawn type.
  • If the film is a character study on an idiosyncratic family or socially isolated individuals – as most are – notice characters placed in an illustrated environment to punctuate their detachment from normal society.
  • Still not indie-looking enough? Just look for ones entirely illustrated.
  • Film festival logos (+ indie cred).

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