The Countdown Begins….

POSTED BY Lauren Furgason on Apr 18, 2012

Back in October, I entered a contest to win a sub-orbital space flight, sponsored by Seattle’s Space Needle for their 50th anniversary. The Space Race's grand-prize: the opportunity to be one of the first non-astronauts to take an hour-long trip to see the curvature of Earth and the blackness of space. The contest is in partnership with Space Adventures, a company that provides commercial space travel for non-astronauts.

Of the 50,000+ that entered, 1000 were selected to submit a video (see mine here) about why they should be sent to space. Those videos were then narrowed down to 20 by the Space Needle, and put up to a public vote to choose the top 5 finalists. 

I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to all my colleagues and friends of HA for helping get me to the top 5! And as the only Northwest contestant remaining (the others are from AZ, PA, NH, and DC), I was featured on GeekWire.com and even interviewed by Seattle’s ABC TV Network (interview below).


The next step is an "Amazing Race-style competition" that will occur in Seattle over the course of May 7,8,9. The winner of these physical and mental challenges will win the suborbital space flight.

I look forward to representing the Northwest, Seattle, and Hornall Anderson well in this competition! You can follow my progress on Twitter at @LaunchLauren.

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This is so exciting! Great job on the interview, too. Fingers crossed for you!