The Early Days

POSTED BY Kathy Soranno on Oct 30, 2014

What does an agency do for office space when you’re on day 10? You just work from home and take many breaks throughout the day to give your dog belly rubs. I know someday I will look back on these first three months with fond memories. And actually working outside of an office for the first time in my career gave me some great ideas about how to (un)structure the working environment in the new studio.

My dining room table, my workstation.

Gray may look cute, but she is ferociously demanding when it comes to her belly rubs.

If your perception of the NYC residential real estate market is that it’s challenging (to put it best), I’m here to tell you the commercial market is just as tough. Not that we were faced with bathtubs in the kitchen, five floor walk-ups, or views of alleys and brick walls. On the contrary, we viewed a lot of fine spaces that would have worked out nicely. But in addition to the functional needs of a creative studio and the impression we want our clients to have, there’s also the creative “it” factor. Is there space to work together? Alone? Escape altogether? Proximity to inspirational places? A more than decent cup of coffee around the corner? Something about it just needed to feel like HA.

A great option in Midtown East, but not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away from the excitement of downtown. The search continues.

WRITTEN BY Kathy Soranno

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