The face of a slave-free world

POSTED BY on Oct 26, 2016

45 million people.

That’s more than New York City, Paris, Tokyo and Mumbai combined. It’s also how many slaves there are in this world.

Think about that. 45 million enslaved people making things like your lucky shirt, favorite pair of shoes, lipstick, contact lenses, chocolate bars, wedding rings. In fact, this year alone, the International Labor Organization estimates $150M in illegal profits for traffickers as a result of forced labor, while victims of forced labor will lose at least $21B in unpaid wages and recruitment fees.

(Photo courtesy of Tronie Foundation)

Rani Hong, President of the Tronie Foundation, has made it her life’s work to change that. A survivor of modern slavery, Rani was stolen and enslaved at the age of seven. Through unwavering determination and miraculous twists of fate, she has overcome horrific truths about our shared world, embodying the impact of our individual and collective choices. Today, as an activist, UN Ambassador and social entrepreneur, Rani brings vision and action to one of the greatest issues of our time.

In March of 2016, Rani enlisted Hornall Anderson in her fight to eradicate modern slavery by 2030. The year’s first work came in the form of a keynote speech, delivered at the Vatican, as part of the Global Sustainability Network March Forum. In it, Rani spoke of the interconnection of all living things, and our shared responsibility to act as a global community. She called a room of the world’s top business leaders to support the Modern Slavery Act and commit to a fundamental change in workplace standards.


The following month, Rani continued her support of the Corporate Freedom Initiative with a UN speech, also penned by HA, which delved further into her Foundation’s work on The Freedom Seal. This mark, which will appear on slave-free consumer products, represents a new level of awareness on forced labor and the power of survivor-led solutions.

To broaden the conversation and inspire additional engagement, Rani is now embarking on fundraising for a consumer awareness campaign. Through our continued partnership, we created a brand video and accompanying presentation to help guide her efforts. Its message is unequivocally clear, simple and true: the end of modern slavery requires all of us, working together, toward a shared goal. A testament to the power of focused and dedicated action that gets bigger with each person free to choose a better world.



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