The HAX Lab

POSTED BY Chris Monberg on Mar 9, 2010

In the business of design, our disciplines seem to continually change and often converge. In the past few years some of our walls have come down and recently a few more have gone up.

Late in 2009, we opened the Hornall Anderson Experience Lab (HAX). Located in the ground floor of our building it offers the raw space to cut wood and grind steel but more importantly HAX is a sandbox for designers, developers, architects, technologists, and thinkers of every variety; it’s a place where ‘what if’ concepts become unique, impactful experiences. We want to evoke innovation in experience design for ourselves and the broader community.

So, if you're interested in experience design and interactive environments check back. We'll post our latest projects, an upcoming community challenge and some good candor for thought.


WRITTEN BY Chris Monberg

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