The Wheels Keep On Turning

POSTED BY on Dec 1, 2014

While the second annual Obliteride fundraiser event wrapped up a few months ago, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a look back at all the good that came out of our partnership with such a valued client as Fred Hutch.

This was a huge effort on the part of all the participants and volunteers with the shared goal of raising funds to help benefit cancer research at Fred Hutch. Obliteride’s goal for the 2014 event was to flex its might, becoming an even bigger, even better ally for cancer research as 100% of funds raised goes directly back to Fred Hutch.

Team "Lewis & Friends CERCumvent Cancer"

We were so excited to learn that the final fundraising total was $2,250,000! In addition, our team, Lewis & Friends CERCumvent Cancer, was recognized as the highest fundraising team at an incredible $224,011, as well as the largest team of 138, which included the largest volunteer squad.

Announcing the total amount of funds raised.

Inspired by this great cause, our firm also approached the fundraising effort from a personal level. Split into five teams within our office, we assigned a wing lead to inspire each team. We recruited a total of 57 participants (riders and volunteers) to sign up. In order to gather momentum leading up to the event, we shared personal and inspiring stories at our Monday morning staff meetings. Each wing was tasked with raising money and getting as many participants as possible (participant levels were assigned a different point based on location and level of commitment). Our goal was $20,000 and we raised just over that amount!

We created a visual in our office that tracked our progress from May through September to continue to generate interest and enthusiasm for the efforts.

The grand prize for the winning wing in our office was a burger and fries party with a special Obliteride themed cocktail.

This was a great rallying event for our HA culture, banning together to give back and knowing that no matter how busy we are, we still keep our eye on what’s important. We have already started team planning for Obliteride 2015 to make an even bigger impact in the fight against cancer. 

Mark your calendars for August 7-9, 2015!       


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