Trick-or-Treaters Are Consumers Too

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Oct 28, 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again. All the kids…and some kid-at-heart adults…are gearing up for Halloween. I admit I’ve always loved Halloween—one of my favorite holidays, in fact. I still can recall nearly every Halloween costume I wore as a kid. And who among us doesn’t remember the plastic facemasks that would collect condensation from our warm breath, resulting in an uncomfortable, sweaty mess by the end of the night? My little clown mask (oh yes, I actually still have it as seen below) was one of the worst for holding onto every labored, anxiety-filled breath as I wandered the neighborhood with my sister and brother, daring each other to ring the doorbells at the scariest dark houses (it’s no wonder I have a fear of clowns to this day).

We’d schlep from house to house, taking one of each candy offering then return home, pour our collections onto the family room shag carpet and start trading each other for our favorite pieces, leaving the "dud reject selections" in a separate pile that we'd offer up to our parents later. A scene played out in nearly every household around the country.

But, what if we’d known where to find all of our favorite candy before we even ventured out into the chilled night air? What if somehow we could have had a strategic plan of attack to identify which houses were giving out full-size Snickers bars and which were handing out lame snack-size Smarties? That would have saved so much time and given us…the trick-or-treater “consumers”…much more of a satisfying experience, right?

Well, guess what? That time is finally here. Okay, maybe not for us adults. Trick-or-treating at this age would just be…well…wrong. But kids are beginning to adopt more grown-up tactics with grown-up tools…specifically through the use of Smartphones. Just as adults use them to find the best restaurants, nearest stores, lowest-priced deals, kids are incorporating them into their “needs” too. Even if those needs are simply looking for the best Halloween treats.

Check out this great article by Marcus Fischer, CEO of space150, on exactly this topic in AdAge Magazine. It’s a fun…and kind of scary…look at how Smartphones and mobile data will soon power the trick-or-treat experience.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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