Turn Out for Earth Hour

POSTED BY Sunita Richardson on Mar 25, 2009

We were so inspired and moved by the wave of cities around the world going dark for Earth Hour last year, that we wanted to do something more for our own personal and professional communities this year. In an effort to help the World Wildlife Fund spread the word about Earth Hour and bring awareness to global warming, we challenged ourselves to come up with simple way to share the message and build participation. Last year we made an internal announcement to encourage employees to take part; this year we created a microsite, Turn Out, to inspire employees and many others to participate together. Our goal is to motivate 400 in our communities to get involved and take action. Join us in turning out—switch off the power for one hour this Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 p.m.

To make your pledge to turn out, visit http://earthhour.hadw.com

Facts about Earth Hour:

2007 – Started by the World Wildlife Fund, 2.2 million people and business went dark for 1 hour

2008 – 400 cities on all 7 continents participated

2009 – Goal to reach 1 billion people; 2,140 cities, towns and municipalities in 82 countries have already made their pledge

Be One in a Billion – turn out for one hour!

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