Wanna play?

POSTED BY on Aug 8, 2014

I read this article yesterday about adults needing recess.

It made me think, I’m lucky to get to work with people who love to play. 

It’s true. Some of us might take to popping a co-worker with a Nerf bullet every now and then. I might be one of those people. Yeah, I know it sounds cliché.

I’m not ashamed. I’ve heard that the act of play is a sign of intelligence. That we are the most creative, curious, and imaginative when we allow ourselves to use our kindergarten minds. We can relearn to see things with fresh eyes, without preconceptions. 

For instance, I know that this is a boring mailing tube, but my mind still chooses not to see what it actually is. Hey, kindergarteners, do you see what I see? 

Rest assured, though we love to play, we actually do work here. We also create great work, and I believe it's a result of making the work process great. 

That's the special sauce. I may be wrong, but I am certainly having fun.

Lauren graduated with a BFA in Communication Graphics from Texas Christian University. She has worked in Dallas for various design firms, and moved to Seattle in 1999. Today, Lauren loves her work as a Senior Designer and a mom, she's a passionate environmentalist, she dances like nobody's watching, and occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

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Mr. Nerf H. Erder

Aug 10, 2014 at 5:26pm

Bravo!! Just don't shoot your eye out!


Aug 8, 2014 at 3:54pm

That's what makes it so much fun to come to work every day! :-)