Welcome to the new Hornall Anderson

POSTED BY Jamie Monberg on Jan 16, 2008

I am sick of http. Sick of the white screen blink. Of sites that drop state. Of buried back pages. I’m sick of losing the story.

Here’s something newer.

Of course, we still play in the http sandbox, but hundreds of hours and mountains of thought went into creating a site that gets back to doing what any good interactive experience should: keeping you engaged. It makes its point in the moment, it lets you drive, it shows you – not tells you – who we are.

Tired of mousing? Reintroduce yourself to the arrow keys .

Done with blowhard marketing copy? Just look and learn.

Can’t find something? Just start typing anywhere and see what happens.

Sick of scrolling? Use the tags to move laterally through all the work we do.

Http may fit in a box, our work does not. From day one, our goal was to create a site whose very fiber – its design, content, navigation – shows what we stand for and what we can do.

Welcome to the new Hornall Anderson.com. Disruptive. Just like us.

WRITTEN BY Jamie Monberg

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