What happens when you xCHANGE creative ideas

POSTED BY Kathy Soranno on Feb 19, 2016

Photo courtesy of xCHANGE

Last week I attended the xCHANGE event for creative leaders in New York—one of a series of buzz sessions being held across the nation in support of creative executives focused on design-driven business strategy. This event brought together like-minded design executives from Fortune 1000 corporations and agencies for an open discussion centered on how we as creative “prophets” (that¹s my phraseology, not theirs) can lock hands with a unified vision to infuse design thinking into our organizations. 

The majority of the participants came from large in-house agencies, so I felt I was the odd man out, given I come from the agency world. However, what I learned after a day of mostly agreeing is we are the same in our beliefs. We share the same vision that creativity is what paves the way for business growth and cultural progress. While we face mutual challenges ahead, it’s up to us to unite and collectively place a lasting stamp on the marketplace.



WRITTEN BY Kathy Soranno

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