What the HAX?

POSTED BY Corey Paganucci on Jan 11, 2011

For the last couple years we've been keeping HAX our little secret. No more! I'm going to start doing a weekly blog post on all the fun stuff our talented designers, developers and producers are working on in the lab. You'll get a sneak peek at works in progress, finished projects, and events that are happening soon.

First up is a prototype for a sculptural interactive installation that Bryan, Matt and Nivi are working on. Vintage TVs are painted white and stacked. A single projector is projecting the videos onto the screens. Eventually there will be an iPad interface that allows users to interact with the sculpture, changing the content in real time.

Here's a photo of it without the projection. Tim's in the way, but you get the idea.

This one's been in the works for a while, but it's finally starting to come together. We're going to do a massive projection on three of the big windows on 3rd Avenue. We just got the first projector mounted today, and we're hoping to have it all installed by the end of the month. The first project we'll be showcasing on the display is a passive interactive experience where we will track people walking down the sidewalk and project thought-bubbles above their heads. More to come!

WRITTEN BY Corey Paganucci

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