What the HAX? Playing with Sand

POSTED BY Corey Paganucci on Jul 14, 2011

A while back Mark Notermann of the Seattle AIGA had a great idea for a HAX project: make an experience with an interface that's more tactile than a touch screen and interaction that's fun and visceral. He came up with a game that's played by showing a 3D shape on screen and challenging the player to recreate the shape using sand.

Today we got our first working prototype together. We’re using Moon Sand which is a great substance that has the consistency of wet sand, and keeps its shape very well ala Playdough. We then use a Kinect to make a 3D map of the shape you’ve made, and OpenCV to do shape detection and matching.

We’ve got quite a bit of work left to realize Mark’s vision, but this project is giving us some great hands-on experience with the Kinect (pun intended), and has a ton of potential!

WRITTEN BY Corey Paganucci

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