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POSTED BY Gordon Mueller on Aug 27, 2010

It's amazing how much our brains interpret what's around us. A while back we created training videos using a simple perspective illusion to add interest to an otherwise dry subject... it turned out really impressive and actually added fun to the subject. Not an easy task.

That phone isn't really that big. It's all a trick.

This project got me thinking about how much illusion can add to our work. There is a definite link between the wit, humor, and feeling of accomplishment that connects the viewer with the subject matter. How many times have we looked at an illusion and said to ourselves "Oh! I get it" and how did that make you feel? To me it always makes me smile and makes me feel like I understand the person who made it. Connected.

I don't know if everyone is touched by the purely academic illusions. I know I am. But where I really feel a connection is with pieces what have more digestible subject matter. Take the following as example. The top illusion is cool. It blows my mind. But it doesn't lead me into thinking about anything but the illusion and how it's making my brain crazy. The second draws me in as a connection with the subject matter. It makes me feel like there is real creativity and cleverness in the world because there was conscious thought in creating it.

Here's a small selection of other illusions from my presentation. The simplicity often stands on its own.

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