Who doesn't like free?

POSTED BY on Jan 10, 2012

What if you had a chance to take online courses from MIT, for free?

Turns out, you will have that opportunity later this year. MIT recently launched MITx, a platform that will offer select MIT courses online at no charge. A prototype version of MITx will go live this spring, enabling people all over the world to engage in interactive learning through one of the premier educational institutions in the U.S.

This isn't about watching a pre-recorded lecture. MITx will feature interactivity, online laboratories and student-to-student communication and will organize and present course material to enable students to learn at their own pace.

Going one step further, MIT will provide free access to the open-source software infrastructure on which MITx is based, for any school to use for its own online learning initiatives.

While MITx has to get started before it proves to be successful or not, this innovative approach has the potential to be a true game-changer in online education.

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