Winter Olympic Trials - HA Style...Alpental

POSTED BY Jordan Lee on Mar 2, 2012

With 14 inches of new light powder the HA crew was optimistic about the quality of conditions awaiting them. Breezing through the traffic, the first team arrived prior to sunset and were able to gauge conditions before the Thursday Night Lights were turned on.

The first team to arrive was heavily weighted by the IT Crowd, including the hot-dogging and out of control antics of Aaron "The Macinstosh Whisperer" Robinson, and his lesser half yours truly.  They did manage a last minute recruitment with significant design and boarding background, Rob "Zen" Zwiebel.  Rob's roots are clearing from Surf/Skate world and this quite evident when his power and control show why he is a clear contender for this season.

The second team was a real shocker. Despite getting a late start, the quickly made up for it with fresh legs and a hunger to do some damage. The team was weighted in senior design and this level of skill and maturtiy was expressed in the technical skills shown on the course.  Jay "The Bad Lieutenant” Hillburn showed his dominance with his brute force attack on the mountain.  The “delicate flower” appearance of Vu “Is There Free Lunch?” Nguyen is merely a smoke screen, his speed was not matched and he will continue to lead quietly.  The real surprise came from Michael “The Producer” Brugman, who like me, competes in the Retro now fashionable Plank Skiing Division.  Michael’s methodical and fluid style showed why he will be a reliable contender this season and next. 

The team finished injury free and with all Team HA events, concluding in the finest drinking establishment available.  The team has quite a bit of work to do before the off-season and earnestly looking for promising recruits.  The UK representation was non-existent but there is talk of an across the pond rivalry ensuing as a result of some competitive verbal sparring from some the London Playboys from the UK Yacht Team.  Trials will continue every Thursday night until the conditions deteriorate.


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Mar 2, 2012 at 11:03am

Jordan, your smooth style and grace on the slopes is rivaled only by your writing. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's “shred fest” looking forward to more in the weeks to come!