Come home again.

With over 500 stores across the United Kingdom, Asda has worked diligently to solidify their reputation for the widest product range, best value and friendliest service in shoppers’ minds. Whilst their strategy has been hugely successful in the supermarket aisle, Asda had high aspirations to be the number-one retailer in home and leisure as well. Achieving that goal would require customers to see Asda as a place of quality, inspiration, and modern trends—not just value. So how do you grow a new area of your business while staying true to what people love you for?
The key to success hung in their own wardrobe. Asda’s private-label clothing brand George, created in 1990, had strong equity in its credible, fashion-forward and creative clothing. By building from the strengths of George as opposed to making Asda stand for something else, their home-and-leisure offering came from established roots already popular with their shoppers. A get-the-look strategy allowed them to imagine the possibilities in all areas of their home—quality and style at affordable prices—by providing inspiration while still creating products of great value.

A new identity (or three)

With over 4,000 total SKUs, we established a hierarchy to identify which products belonged in the good, better or best tier, along with sub-brands for kids and infants. Within the top-tier range, which included long-term investment products, we also created three separate identities that emphasised their high quality while improving the shopability: Luxury By, Styled By, and Excellence By. A unique logo, colour palette, typeface, tone and photography style was executed across all categories, providing necessary guidelines to guide the George Home brand’s future products.

Home within a store

Beyond new packaging, we rolled out an exciting new in-store brand experience. Display counters and shelving were upgraded, and room sets were given center stage to help consumers visualise George Home’s new merchandise. The store-within-a-store concept, with dedicated customer-service representatives, educated shoppers on the differences of the lines and products.

Bringing it home

George Home delivered a 10% sales increase in the home-and-leisure category for ASDA, driving repeat business amongst both existing and new consumers.