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Microsoft Visitor Center — The complete Microsoft experience

When Microsoft moved their Visitor Center from an out-of-the-way corner of the campus to its new location in the heart of their major campus expansion, they wanted it to be much more than a museum about software and technology. Their vision was designed as an immersive and unexpected experience, showcasing Microsoft's past, present and future.

Xbox gaming area and kids zone
Display of old and new technologies that have been transformed by software
View of the sphere through the front entrance
An interactive touch display where people can hear personal stories of Microsoft employees
Kids zone with animated lenticular glass wall and "lava lamp" floor

Hornall Anderson did an outstanding job of bringing the Microsoft brand and story to life in the Visitor Center - our history, vision, products and culture. They seamlessly integrated with already established partners to create a dynamic environment that continues to delight and surprise our visitors.

— John Cirone, IC Program Manager, CMG Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) — The synesthetic spectacle

It's rare that Microsoft presents the full breadth of the brand in a unified way. With many business units, serving different and diverse constituencies, we recognized the need for a cohesive narrative. Tying these disparate component together brought to life the (sometimes invisible) ways in which our world is increasingly connected—all made possible by the practical magic of software.

This 360 degree media experience at the core of Microsoft's CES booth was coined the "nucleus". Theatric lighting combined with ambient audio and video to transport the visitor away from the typical hustle of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Eight separate interactive points made up the experience. Each interactive area represented one of Microsofts core businesses.
When a visitor engaged, the video and audio for that portion of the space built on top of the ambient track and amplified, assigning each Microsoft business a particular video and audio signature.
When more than one area was engaged, the video and audio of each business worked together to create one song. When all 8 businesses were engaged, the experience was in perfect harmony. Individuals interacted with the media as well as each other as the energy in the room surged.

Collaborating with our client and partners in HAX meant quick decisions: It was the only way to make a three week timeframe work. It also illustrated that good things happen when everyone shares knowledge, constraints and aspirations. Watching people engage with the experience at CES was a good reminder that media is inherently "social," and that human connections will continue to exist outside of restrictive platforms like Facebook.


Microsoft Recruiting — First impressions count

At their core, big organizations are a collection of big personalities. Microsoft's new recruiting lobby lets potential hires connect to the company by engaging with the smart, inventive people who make it all that it is. And candidates are invited to share their own stories through a series of interactive experiences. It's an inviting, modern design that demonstrates how technology powers and empowers our daily lives.

"Our Story" represents an area of the space where photos and quotes from current employees are displayed on a wall forming the word Imagine.
"Your Story" Candidates are invited to fill out a card asking them to say in a few words how they imagine their role at Microsoft, and then apply it to the display.
"My Story" is an interactive touch screen that allows the viewer to select from a variety of employee videos that highlight some of the more interesting aspects at Microsoft and what inspires them.
"My Story" Imagine wall and waiting area.
Visitors experience how a 3-dimensional space becomes alive and the walls become portraits of possibilities, all through three areas of engagement: My Story, Your Story and Our Story
Entryway to Microsoft's Recruiting Lobby. The objective was to create a memorable space that clearly communicates the Microsoft recruitment brand goals, while affirming that it is a dynamic and smart place to work.