Modernize a classic.

Celebrating a landmark 200 years on British shelves, all eyes were on Colman’s, an iconic brand that’s stood the test of time—all starting with a little yellow tin. Faced with aggressive innovators piling into the category, Colman’s recognized the need to find new relevancy with their consumers whilst retaining its beloved and trusted heritage. Our task was to evolve the brand’s treasured identity and values for today’s modern pantry.
With foods worthy of a royal warrant, Colman’s products have a long and meaningful connection with British families. So we went straight to the heart of the home—dearest Mum. The warmth, care and love of a mother’s cooking proudly came through in all of our conversations with mums far and wide. Balancing homespun the comfort of home with a freshly contemporary identity brought the brand’s timeless meaning into today’s kitchen, while also unifying their iconic mustard with the rest of their diverse portfolio. The result was a cohesive, timeless master brand that belongs on any mum’s shelf—yesterday and today.

Extending a legacy

One of Britain’s most beloved brands since 1814, Colman’s has steadily built upon their heritage with an impressive expansion of their portfolio. From classic English mustard to seasonal sauces, condiments and meal kits for modern tastes—a total of 80 SKUs—the brand has pulled up more than a few extra chairs to the British dinner table.

An icon, re-iconified

Before we tackled the master rebrand, we designed iconic packaging for three limited-edition mustard jars (sold both separately and in a gift box) to commemorate the company’s milestone anniversary. Vintage poster designs inspired the labels, celebrating Colman’s retro cachet with a wink of whimsy.