Going au natural


When is success a problem?

Frito-Lay knew how to make their snacks healthier, but previous research revealed consumers' skepticism about the taste of healthier snacks. We saw an opportunity to rethink the proposition, balancing an all-natural message with the great taste of some of Frito-Lay's most iconic brands.


Beyond Classic.

Lay's Classic has always had just three simple ingredients—potatoes, oil and salt. With flavored chips becoming all natural too, we focused on simplifying the design, while evolving photography and colors to be more natural.

“Communicating ‘natural’ has evolved beyond brown butcher paper and scratchboard illustrations. We avoided the clichés and focused on simple, honest design and open layouts.”

Michael Connors, Hornall Anderson VP of Design

Gather ’round the bowl

With dozens of competitors cluttering the shelf, the original, Tostitos needed to emphasize its story—that you can't buy a lighter, tastier, more natural tortilla chip. The extensive redesign reinforces this superior product experience. The window—so critical to shopping the category—became the key communication of the concept.


Let the sun shine in.

We got back to basics on Frito-Lay's flagship natural brand, SunChips. The clean and simple design utilized a subtle, woven textured background that emphasizes both flavor and the whole grain goodness of these one-of-a-kind, light multigrain snacks.


For years, over-communicating “natural” has negatively affected perceptions of taste. But 2010 proved a pivotal year for consumer preference. Extensive testing showed that consumers were actually attracted to "all natural" when the focus was on the quality of the ingredients.

Authentically Innovative.

Rold Gold was redesigned to appeal to the loyal pretzel audience simply, boldly, honestly—like the snack experience itself. The emphasis was on elemental, pure ingredients, a strategy that was key to the launch of a new brand extension—The Rold Gold Bakery—highlighting natural, baked-in flavor favorites like cinnamon raisin rolls and "everything" bagels.

Rold Gold

Telegraphing Change.

The last step was creating consistent, persistent and motivating all natural messaging that could work across the entire portfolio. We ultimately landed on a simple, prominent and reassuring All Natural stamp that could be placed on any package in a way that's as straightforward and easy to understand, as it is quick to read.