Madison Square Garden

Live up to the legend.

Simply put, Madison Square Garden

is the most famous arena in the world

The epic events it has played host to over more than 50 years of history go far beyond New York and have a home in our collective cultural experience. From Ali vs. Frazier to the Concert for New York, Willis Reed in Game 7 to Messier raising The Cup, the greatest moments in sports and entertainment happen at The Garden.

So when it came time to renovate Madison Square Garden, they faced a simple (if intimidating) challenge—create a space and an experience that's on par with the events that happen there. MSG turned to us for help moving beyond the strong equities of their brand and connecting to the deep emotion of the relationship between venue and fan.

Our insight was to invite fans into the journey, turning a functional renovation into an emotional transformation—empowering fans to help define what The Garden experience of tomorrow would look and feel like.

Defined by Our Past.

Defining Our Future.

Our work began with a new way of framing The Garden's past, present and future. We called it Defining Moments and it allowed us to braid the historic moments from the past, the more personal everyday experiences of fans and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Defining Moments came to life in multiple ways. A powerful video put viewers into the emotional space of a passionate fan, giving them a front-row seat to some of MSG's most historic moments and teasing the promise of being there for the next Defining Moment.

The video was just one anchor experience in a new Transformation Center. A striking space that was created to transport corporate partners, potential sponsors and premium seat holders four years into the future, to experience the transformed Garden.

From renovation

To transformation.

And Defining Moments continues to grow beyond its initial focus to encompass the overall Garden brand. It serves as the centerpiece for the experience and visual strategies we developed to span the four year transformation process.

As the transformation completion continues, Defining Moments has grown in scope to become a central part of sponsorship activation.

The Results


100% of the 20 Event Level suites were sold prior to construction beginning (2011-2012 season).


75% of the 58 Madison Suites, scheduled for completion by the 2012-2013 season, were sold in advance of the renovation.