Show the love.

As a long standing global partner of Starbucks, we were asked to help reimagine their in-café food offering in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These markets, where consumers typically get their coffee at their favorite food spot, not the other way around, presented a unique challenge. Considered more of a “sweet treat” destination, Starbucks needed to re-frame its food offer to deliver relevant differentiation and drive traffic into stores. We collaborated on every aspect of the new, differentiated strategy and redefined the proposition around fresh, healthy and delicious—Feel Good Food.

Think global. Act local.

From working directly with suppliers to refresh the entire product range, to developing and designing the way the new foods are packaged and displayed in stores, we repositioned the overall offer through the lens of Starbuck’s larger mission. The brand’s coffee credibility was further reinforced through their newly evident passion for fresh and wholesome food.

Show and tell

We utilized transparent packaging to let the food itself inspire and tell the brand story. A flexible system of typography used the handcrafted cues of a letterpress and a friendly tone of voice to help customers navigate and find a new fresh “favourite” for themselves.

Every detail matters

We created communication tools to help educate baristas and developed retail signage and point-of-purchase collateral to get customers excited about their new options. The result? More customers are now coming to Starbucks to enjoy fresh and delicious breakfast, lunch, and snack foods—all while sipping on an amazing cup of coffee.