Tackle what’s tough.

Igniting Innovation

Faced with a need to solve challenges more complex than ever, GE is embarking on an entirely new venture – creating a series of Innovation Centers across the globe that promote collaboration and provide sophisticated engineering and analytic tools. Government, academic, and industry experts will convene at these centers to develop and apply technologies across a broad spectrum of industries including energy, transportation, healthcare and finance.

We partnered with GE to conceive and design the first of these new breed innovation centers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

visitor journey diagram

An early sketch of the Innovation Center’s visitor journey

Orientation Zone – GE Innovation Centre
Orientation Zone – GE Innovation Centre
Touchscreen Interactive – Canada's Challenges
Large Scale Media Wall – Industry Insights
Multi-purpose Conference Rooms – Solutions Incubator
Orientation Zone – View toward lobby
space sketches

The space can be reconfigured to acommodate various stages of the innovation process

Design Driven By Purpose

The design challenge was to create an environment that fostered innovation and went beyond being a technology showcase. We initiated a dialogue with GE customers to better understand their challenges and ensure that relevant issues could be addressed with the right solutions. We discovered in order to create an experience for visitors to foster this kind of advanced collaboration, we needed to create a hard-working, reconfigurable space that would provide seamless access to GE tools, resources, and thought leadership from around the globe in real-time.

The result is a series of purpose-driven zones that reflect the different stages of the innovation process – from listening and understanding to iteration and prototyping.

Personalizing The Experience

Digital touchscreen interfaces were designed to accommodate a wide range of existing client assets, as well as newly-designed custom tools and videos unique to the center. Visitors can investigate local issues, explore the modern energy ecosystem, and discover how GE’s innovation process helps generate solutions that shape global infrastructure and industry.

“ The Innovation Centre in Calgary will help us define a better way to collaborate with our customers around their challenges. The HA team provided us with a great platform to co-create ”
— Brian Gregg, GE GGO Innovation Centre Leader

Pioneering Innovative Spaces

We created a place for stakeholders to convene over multiple visits – to "roll up their sleeves" and work on solving critical challenges. The Center gives today’s problem solvers the rare capability of being able to tackle issues from multiple perspectives – from global awareness to local relevance, from high-level process expertise to deep industry insight. As the first of its kind in North America, our space design is now setting the standard for 12 additional centers planned across the globe.