Think outside the jar.

Love it or hate it?

There's not a lot of middle ground when it comes to Unilever's much-loved (at least in the UK) yeast spread. Marmite doesn't have consumers as much as it has passionate evangelists. Brand loyalty is unquestioned, awareness is widespread and penetration is at its peak. So, when Marmite approached us in 2001 we were excited about their deceptively simple ask, how can the brand grow?

More than Breakfast. More than a Spread.

In order to evolve Marmite from a single SKU product, we had to start by challenging brand perception. And that meant changing the way people had been consuming the product for more than a century.

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.

The core of our idea was to make it easier for Marmite lovers to get the taste they were passionate about, more often. We developed a flexible design identity that allowed Marmite to grow into new product categories without losing its distinctive (and delightfully divisive) personality.

Turning the Brand on its head.

Our initial brief was to create a squeeze-bottle version for the iconic brand, which was the biggest change in Marmite's history. But, that was only the beginning. Since then, we’ve developed special limited-edition designs to drive incremental sales and kindle the hearts of Marmite lovers – young, old and in between.


Honoring the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years of her majesty’s reign), the commemorative limited-edition features the Union flag anchored by Marmite’s familiar brand equities.

Marmite Guinness

A dream come true for brand loyalists of Marmite and Guinness. Now a collector’s item, with only 300,000 pots produced in 2007, this limited-edition generated outstanding PR for both iconic brands.

Champagne Marmite

On the heels of Marmite Guinness’ success and in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, a ‘sexed up’ version of the savory spread was released in 2008 with only 600,000 ‘Lovers’ jars on-shelf.

Marmite Cricket Ball

Marmite partnered with Marston’s Pedigree, the official beer of England Cricket, to create a special limited-edition mix in celebration of the cricket season.

"Packaging is where the really important components of the brand come together. Our long-standing relationship with our designers has allowed us to be bold and ballsy and push traditional marketing limits."

—Tom Denyard, Marketing Manager, Marmite


Marmite evolved from a single SKU brand to a large and beloved line of products—including a sub-line of snack foods and an ever-evolving series of hotly anticipated limited editions.