UK's largest private label redesign

Perception Is Reality

Private-label brands are often seen as copycat labels that imitate the packaging and content of mainstream brands. Working with a strategic agency, Asda identified the opportunity to challenge this perception by re-launching their mid-tier private label range to improve quality perception and to create a brand in its own right.

It's Not Our Brand, It's Yours

By any measure, this was a big job—the most ambitious in Asda's history. Our part in the process was to create the design identity for the new brand, based on a striking consumer-focused philosophy, "Chosen by You." The central concept leverages the idea that when it comes to quality, customers are the ultimate judges. Every single product in the "Chosen by You" brand had to be tried, tasted (or tested) and approved before it made the grade.

Tying It All Together

The development of a new brand identity included the redesign of packaging across the entire range of more than 6,000 products. We developed a robust design framework that unified the entire brand, from dish soap to desserts. After the successful launch of the "Chosen by You" food line, the concept was extended to household products.

This project set a new benchmark in working collaboratively across a roster of agencies to deliver and achieve one common goal.

The Results

The massive scale of the "Chosen by You" launch made a bold statement to consumers about Asda's commitment to enhancing quality and driving innovation, while keeping prices low. And consumers responded.

  • 40,000

    UK consumers involved in taste testing and product selection

  • 100m

    investment by Asda

  • 10%

    increase in year over year growth