Michael Connors

Executive Leadership

Michael knows that great ideas can come from anywhere, but are a lot more likely to be generated through a positive, energetic and collaborative process. Since joining Hornall Anderson in 2005, Michael has built lasting relationships with diverse clients by leading teams grounded in strategy and driven to create emotionally compelling work that motivates action. Bringing over 26 years of extensive expertise collaborating with clients such as Quaker, Tropicana, Frito-Lay, T-Mobile, Janus, Pedigree, ConAgra, CitationAir, PayPal, California Closets and Amgen, Michael helps businesses evolve and dominate in their category.

Over 26 years ago, Michael graduated with honors and continues to learn and discover new inspiration through travel, art and gourmet cooking.


Michael Connors

April 10,2012

Quaker Makes a Splash in the Media 1

Who’d have guessed that a 134-year old brand would take to viral media with such speed and agility? Quaker's iconic brand is getting some major face time all over the Internet, and rubbing elbows with top TV personalities.

June 8,2011

Au Natural 0

This is about stripping out the bad things, not stripping off anything. You know this isn’t that kind of blog.

January 17,2011

A Blasphemous Process 0

Back in design school, in the dark ages, I was taught that every great piece of creative begins with a concept...

December 20,2010

“Design is always Subjective” 0

Good design is a matter of getting a lot of things right: the strategy, the look, the emotional connection, the functionality, the creativity and originality, etc.

May 26,2009

Botswana = Animals 0

We all take inspiration from a different places. In my case, I mean it literally, as in travel.

January 14,2008

Oaxaca Street Art 0

Anyone that has traveled to Oaxaca – or just about any other place in Mexico – can appreciate that tourists with an artistic eye can spend a lot of time looking at walls. The tradition of hand-painted store signage, political ads or way finding is as rich and varied as the people doing the painting.