Millennium Products, Inc.

A sip of eastern culture

Kombucha, Synergy & Limited-Edition Packaging

When we first partnered with GT’s, their Kombucha and Synergy beverage lines were carving out a new niche in an overly crowded beverage retail space. We focused our design system to maximize shelf presence with a clear visual relationship between the two lines, while differentiating each to ensure shopability.

Since these brands were anything but ordinary, we needed to express their uniqueness. Just as these live-culture beverages tap in ancient medicinal practices, we took our design cues from that eastern world heritage.

Building off the success of their core line and in commemoration of their 20th anniversary, GT’s launched a limited-edition flavor that celebrates the idea that gratitude shared is multiplied and abundant. This special, one-of-a-kind, limited-edition, “Sharing Gratitude” bottle was created for a new root-based flavor symbolic of the grounding elemental necessity of gratitude and how gratitude changes the person then affects every part of their life, and others.

The screen-printed wrap design conceptually expresses the expanding influence of gratitude as the design shifts from a centered mandala that grows into organic forms. At the heart is not only gratitude, but a reminder that to share it is what brings it to life.