Millennium Products, Inc.

A sip of eastern culture

GT's Kombucha & Synergy Packaging

Tapping into the ancient medicinal practices of the eastern world, Millennium Products Inc. creates artisanal live-culture beverages that go beyond the ordinary, offering consumers life-affirming nutritional value. Millennium partnered with Hornall Anderson to develop a new product positioning and labeling system for the 2 product lines, Kombucha and Synergy. 

Our design and messaging brief revealed that although the Kombucha and Synergy products each have their own target markets, they also overlap. The creative execution for each line needed to differentiate the products on the shopping shelf, but also insure an overall branded relationship between both product lines. We developed the GT’s logo (the consumer-facing identity of Millennium Products), 2 Product Logotypes, 2 labeling systems, 14 flavors and a Web site. Together these elements build brand equity, define a distinct and ownable market position for Millennium, and create stopping power in an overly crowded beverage retail space.

Our decades-long partnership with GT continues, with the release of limited-edition bottles: Sharing Gratitude, Liberty for All