Doritos goes global

Doritos Packaging Redesign

Take a huge brand like PepsiCo with great success in every corner of the world, but when you look at its portfolio across markets, it tells a slightly different story. Hornall Anderson partnered with the PepsiCo Global team to activate the Doritos brand narrative in a highly consumer-relevant way and to harmonize the international and US packaging.

Our journey began with a market consumer immersion in several major cities, from Istanbul to Mexico City. What we discovered were globally relevant insights and a set of visual codes that could bring the brand narrative to life on a global scale.

Working closely with the Global team and individual markets, we developed a logo lock-up that could be used across all branded touch points. For the packaging design, we translated key strategic insights into emotionally impactful designs that would resonate with consumers around the world. The Doritos target consumer moves fast, so when it comes to packaging, every element needed to have a valuable and well-defined role.

With different cultures came different needs, resulting in design elements that are flexible enough to address any culture’s specific packaging requirements.