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CitationShares Michael Phelps Videos

Long-time client CitationShares approached us with an interesting challenge: How can you effectively market a premium, niche brand to a broad and increasingly media savvy audience? We suggested that they build brand equity from street level up. To that end, we concepted and produced 3 short films starring swimming phenom Michael Phelps.

The 3 shorts are a take on what life outside the spotlight looks like for an easy-going 23 year-old who’s recently had international celebrity status thrust upon him. The videos were distributed virally, through a number of internet channels and relied on their own humor and novelty – rather than costly media buys – to gain exposure. By leading with the content, not the product, the videos provided a subtle, accessible introduction to the luxury and service that the CitationShares brand embodies. Plus, it turns out Mike does a pretty mean Journey cover.

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